For Accountants

Accountants consult Han & Associates for specialised taxation advice to ensure they too can deliver an integrated service to their clients.

For Businesses

Han & Associates provide comprehensive accounting and tax services for your business regardless the size (big or small), the stage (start-ups or mature) and the needs (tax, accounting and finance) of your businesses.

The taxation experts at Han & Associates work alongside you to remove the stress of filing your personal and business’ tax returns. As a tax focused accounting practice, the staff at Han & Associates are fully aware of reliefs available which can be claimed to reduce your tax liabilities.

Han & Associates’ tax specialists help to plan your business ventures in the most tax efficient manners. For UK ventures, EIS and SEIS could be available to attract investors, R&D and Film Tax Reliefs may be available to reduce the taxable profits for companies. For non-UK business activities, managing double taxation, transfer pricing and permanent establishment issues effectively could improve the performance of your cross-border businesses.

Han & Associates deliver extensive tax advice and planning to help businesses to minimise their tax burdens.  The unparalleled service delivered ensures all aspects of clients’ tax matters are taken care of.

The expert tax accountants at Han & Associates can help you with:

Corporation Tax

A £100 of Corporation Tax saving in first sight seems insignificant but for a company earning an average net profit margin of 15% on sales or turnover, a tax saving of £100 equals to a sale of £3,510 when the Corporation Tax rate is 19%. Staff at Han & Associates focus on reducing Corporation Tax payable by utilising all available reliefs.

Profit Reduction Relief:

  • Capital Allowance
  • R & D Relief
  • Video Games Tax Relief
  • Film Tax Relief
  • Loss Relief
  • Claiming deduction when share options are exercised

Deferral Relief:

  • Roll-over Relief
  • Hold-over Relief


  • Substantial Shareholding Exemption (SSE)
  • Transfer of assets within a group of companies

Han & Associates’ staff are proactively involved in clients decision making process so as to maximise reliefs claimed and minimise tax liabilities. For example, to move forward an asset acquisition so that capital allowances could be claimed a year earlier, or to delay a disposal of shares so that the disposal would qualify for Substantial Shareholding Exemption, and no Corporation Tax is payable on the gain of the disposal.

International Tax

International tax is not a tax, it is tax issues faced by businesses carried out activities  in more than one countries or for individuals with assets in or income from more than one jurisdictions.

International tax issues need to be managed with care so that the same income is not being taxed twice.

Transactions could be structured to avoid having permanent establishments in certain jurisdictions and to mitigate transfer pricing adjustments. To avoid becoming tax resident in two jurisdictions could also minimise filing requirements and hence disputes with tax authorities.

If you have any tax issues concerning cross-borders transactions, call Han & Associates on 0207 359 2680.


Han & Associates work to ensure that all the demands and regulations of HMRC are adhered to.  To help you manage this complex area the specialist tax advisers provide an efficient VAT service.

  • Assistance with VAT registration
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • Use of the most appropriate scheme
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • Help with completing VAT returns

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